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About Cohesive

Cohesive brings you the world’s leading digital transformation, enterprise asset management, asset delivery and asset service performance optimisation capabilities. We use the power of data, digital twins and artificial intelligence, and capitalise on new technology to optimise and automate operations. We build digital talents and cultures for improved and sustainable results.

Our Values

Guided by our values, we create a smarter and more sustainable way of working for our customers – one that is mindful of our planet and the communities they serve.  By bringing together industry, data, and asset experts with change management we offer unique, end-to-end digital and service integration across your asset’s lifecycle. Working collaboratively, we help design and deliver transformational outcomes in both the built and natural environments while achieving your practical service, financial, environment, social and governance goals.​

Driving your business objectives and economic success, safeguarding the planet. ensuring operational sustainability – we design ways to do it all, together.​

Our History

Cohesive was created by the amalgamation of industry leading brands. The businesses have been selected by Bentley Systems to provide a blend of industry experts and lifecycle capabilities enabling us to support the most complex projects anywhere in the world.​

We have 900 skilled engineers, data scientists, change and asset management experts, researchers, writers and people coaches with unparalleled expertise and experience. They push boundaries and think in fresh ways to achieve better outcomes and deliver a high performing, sustainable and digital future.​

To complement our team, we have an extensive ecosystem of industry partners who bring the best possible technology, thinking and delivery needed to help bring transformational outcomes to your estate, network or assets and the service you provide your customers.

Why Cohesive?

Hands-on Industry Experience

Our 900 plus team of engineers, data scientists, researchers, writers and people coaches have exceptionally rich knowledge of digital and organisational change management coupled with real word domain knowledge. They are ready to support your journey to delivering a high performing digital future and meeting your business objectives.

Systems Integrator for every stage of the asset lifecycle

To ensure outcomes are delivered as a systems integrator we don’t just deploy software and walk away we work with our clients to ensure their outcomes are sustainably achieved. 

Authorities in Global Data Management

From data insight, data quality and governance, data security, data management our team will help you unlock the power of your data to meet your organizational objectives.

Experts in creation and management of Digital Twin

We identify and deliver multiple types of twin, from  descriptive to predictive to autonomous, providing different levels of value to meet your unique needs.

Leading Digital Integration Specialists

Customer-focused, we fully consider you and your precise needs, to ensure seamless integration with your existing data sets and technology ecosystem.

World renowned digital transformation consultants

Successful digital transformation is driven by our experience consultants who recognize the importance of understanding and aligning to your organization or program goals.

Sustaining results through Organisational Change Management

To fully capitalize on digital transformation we help you change processes, ways of working and people’ behaviour to make change sustainable and adopted.

Meet the Board

Dr Mark Bew


Mark Bew MBE (born 5 March 1967) is an English engineer and chairman of the PCSG consultancy business, formerly ECS. Until January 2015, he was also chairman of BuildingSMART's UK chapter, and, from 2011 to 2016, was chair of the UK Government's BIM Task Group, a body created to drive implementation of building information modelling (BIM) across UK public sector construction projects.

Mark Bew worked at John Laing Construction, was business systems director with Costain, and then director of business information systems at URS Scott Wilson, before founding his own company, Engineering Construction Strategies (now a division of PCSG), to focus on the UK BIM strategy. In January 2012, he was recognised in the New Year Honours with an MBE for services to the construction sector.

Eoin Dilworth


What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
Meeting and working with lots of smart, interesting people, plus an early morning run around the beautiful city of Calgary.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
I’m a classically-trained guitarist and was in a rock band for years.

What makes you smile the most?
Seeing people achieve things they initially thought they couldn’t, especially my sons. I also love being out on my bike.

Henri Snijders

Chief Transformation Officer

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
Our board strategy week in April, where we were all transparent, driven, ambitious and focussed to make cohesive even more sustainable for change and growth.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
That my favourite outfit is a t-shirt with a barbeque apron, making and having outdoor dinners with lots of family, friends and colleagues.

What makes you smile the most?
Seeing enthusiasm in our Change Network, starting to see our dream come true to play an important role in the growth of Cohesive and becoming ready to provide high value organization change management services to our clients. Seeing the lights in the eyes of ambitious and energetic team members makes me smile and empowered to dream big.

Pierre De Wet

Managing Director Americas

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
There has been so many it is hard to single out just one! Every visit to one of our offices stand out for me, but if I have to single out one, then I’d say it was my visit to Belo Horizonte in Brazil the week we closed the MaximoCon acquisition. The energy and enthusiasm of our Brazil colleagues just motivated me to work even harder for the success of all of us and our customers.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
Not exactly a daredevil but I have done one of the scariest bungee jumps in the world, from the train bridge over the gorge at Victoria Falls, and climbed Tahquitz Mountain here in Southern California with limited prior experience.

What makes you smile the most?
Waking up super early on a Saturday morning and realizing it is time to get ready for golf not work ????

Jon Kerbey

Managing Director EMEA

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
I heard very recently that Cohesive was described (by a group Clients) as bringing together the ‘best of the best’ … and I agree! We have an absolutely amazing, world-class team.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
I spent most of my 20’s training to be a Samurai.

What makes you smile the most?
Those two in the photo!

Engteck Soon

Managing Director APAC

What part of your job makes you most excited?
Opportunity to meet inspiring people both within and outside of Cohesive in our line of work. For example, there are many inspiring Cohesive colleagues and leaders around the world, many of whom are willing to share their know how, mentor others and contribute.

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
Every time our clients share compliments or recognises the effort of our teams, it just reinforces the value of what we bring to them, the potential outcomes we could also bring to other similar clients.

What makes you smile the most?
There are many things that makes me happy but 1 thing that is most worthwhile is when I know that we have been able to make a true difference to any of the colleagues’ future.

Tina Burgess

Director of People and Culture

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
The chance to work with such a diverse and talented group of individuals across the globe.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
I’ve always been fascinated by how things are made and my first role after University was as a Manufacturing Engineer for an automotive company where I got to plan how to make things for a living.

What makes you smile the most?
Making music. Music has the power to transport you to another place and doing this as part of a team whilst entertaining others is joyful.

Adrian Burgess


What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
Favourite moments happen at each sprint review, when we get to see new functionality created by our dev teams.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
I have a wife and three daughters, the two eldest are twins and turned 18 this year. I love to mountain bike, play tennis, and attempting to keep up with my daughters.

What makes you smile the most?
Social occasions when we get to celebrate and enjoy each others company.

Colin Mann

Chief of Staff

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
The initial period of Cohesive’s formation while I was in Australia, meeting and joining forces between our advisory and technical teams in the region.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
I started my working life as an aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy; in 7 years of service I visited all 7 continents.

What makes you smile the most?
Messing about outdoors with my two boys, as per my photo!

Jarosław Łukasiewicz

Managing Director Vetasi

What has been your favourite moment at Cohesive so far?
Meeting people all over the world from different parts of the organization. I have learned a lot from them.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
Despite my current weight, I was almost a professional sportsman at the age of 15, I was second in the Polish Junior Championships in speed skating and a candidate for the Polish National Team. It was a long time ago, but I still love to practice sports, but a bit different: cycling, golf, tennis, sailing.

What makes you smile the most?
My children, daughter Karolina (23) and son Eryk (16)

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