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Cohesive Digital Twins for Transportation

Cohesive’s Digital Twin Solutions deliver transport projects more efficiently and sustainably, harnessing the power of contextualized data.

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Your path to seamless digital project delivery

At Cohesive, we empower delivery organizations and asset managers in the road and rail infrastructure sectors to revolutionize their project management approach. Our cutting-edge data connection and digital twin platforms brings together engineering and project control data from diverse sources, creating a unified ecosystem that simplifies decision-making, boosts productivity, and minimizes waste throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Transforming data chaos into clarity

In the world of infrastructure projects, data often resides in silos, scattered across multiple systems, and lacks consistent definitions. This fragmentation can hinder progress, lead to inefficiencies, and jeopardize project success. Cohesive is here to change that. Our data connection platform (Data Connect) seamlessly integrates and aligns data, transforming your disconnected project information into a cohesive whole. 

The power of transportation digital twins

At the core of Cohesive’s solution is the concept of the Digital Twin. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional project management by uniting Building Information Models (BIM), geographic features (GIS), documentation, project control, risk assessment, health and safety data, and real-time sensor information from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The result? A comprehensive and real-time representation of your project that will optimize your delivery operating model and drive down risk.

Unparalleled visualization and integration

Cohesive’s Digital Twin services provide a user-friendly web browser interface, offering contextual visualization of your project data. Our platform bridges the gaps in information, integrating diverse datasets, and making them accessible from a single, unified location. This integration enhances the quality of decision-making, reduces project waste, and elevates productivity to new heights.

Seamless Integration for Infrastructure Excellence

Many program delivery organizations and asset owners face significant challenges when managing data related to their evolving transport assets. Project delivery data is frequently stored in isolated silos, making it difficult to access and lacking in trustworthiness. Consequently, this leads to subpar project progress tracking, hindered decision-making, increased costs, program delays, decreased productivity, and unnecessary waste during the construction process. Cohesive can help solve these problems. 

We help you make the most of your data by giving it context and transforming it, which leads to improved analytics, more efficient project tracking, valuable insights, better decision-making, and fostering innovation. Our approach ensures that your project outcomes align with your objectives and performance criteria while enhancing your project management capabilities. This means faster workflows, improved project control, greater assurance, smarter planning, cost and risk management, and enhanced understanding by all project stakeholders. 

Our digital twin solutions will allow transport systems to be better modeled, understood, and delivered to optimize outcomes. 

Start your Digital Twin Journey!

Let’s streamline project control, data integration, and digital delivery transformation! Cohesive is your partner in achieving unprecedented success in road and rail infrastructure projects. 

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

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