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GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP) was founded in 1998 and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (as GWPH). The company is headquartered in the UK and also has operations in the US and continental Europe. GWP has established itself as a world leader in discovering, developing and delivering regulatory-approved cannabis-based medicines. 





GWP’s system for scheduling and monitoring calibration and maintenance tasks was an Excel spreadsheet and further utilised paperwork instructions.  The process was labour-intensive, required a large amount of storage for paper records and was prone to error. 



GWP selected Cohesive to implement IBM Maximo, the leading asset management software in the life sciences industry.  

As GWP operates in a highly-regulated environment, the system they selected and implemented needed to be fully validated through GxP – the good practice quality guidelines and regulations for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Cohesive implemented Maximo to meet GWP’s compliance requirements and manage all production and facilities assets across their 3 UK sites. The solution is fully operational and Cohesive is providing ongoing support services, as well as working together on further improvements and enhancements to support GWP’s digital transformation plan 

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The implementation of Maximo has provided GWP with real-time visibility and control of its assets, allowing them to increase maintenance productivity and operational efficiencies. Cohesive also implemented Maximo electronic records and signatures and Calibration as required by most pharmaceutical companies, so this provides them with a full audit trail of Asset Management data within Maximo. It means that if there were to be any issues in manufacturing that GWP would be able to track through the supply chain and isolate any problems. 

Working closely with GWP, Cohesive provided a computerised maintenance system and supported validation, that now automates scheduling and allows for digital storage of records. The system is now used to control and monitor calibration and maintenance activities in the Engineering Department; to hold work instructions, report data and provide trending information, giving the right information, to the right people, at the right time. 

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