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About Cohesive

Cohesive brings you the world’s leading digital transformation, enterprise asset management, asset delivery, and asset service performance optimization capabilities. We use the power of data, digital twins, and artificial intelligence, and capitalize on new technology to optimize and automate operations. We build digital talents and cultures for improved and sustainable results.

Our Values

Guided by our values, we create a smarter and more sustainable way of working for our customers – one that is mindful of our planet and the communities they serve.  By bringing together industry, data, and asset experts with change management we offer unique, end-to-end digital and service integration across your asset’s lifecycle. Working collaboratively, we help design and deliver transformational outcomes in both the built and natural environments while achieving your practical service, financial, environmental, social, and governance goals.​

Driving your business objectives and economic success, safeguarding the planet. and ensuring operational sustainability – we design ways to do it all, together.​

Our History

Cohesive was created by the amalgamation of industry-leading brands. The businesses have been selected by Bentley Systems to provide a blend of industry experts and lifecycle capabilities enabling us to support the most complex projects anywhere in the world.​

We have 900 skilled engineers, data scientists, change and asset management experts, researchers, writers, and people coaches with unparalleled expertise and experience. They push boundaries and think in fresh ways to achieve better outcomes and deliver a high-performing, sustainable, and digital future.​

To complement our team, we have an extensive ecosystem of industry partners who bring the best possible technology, thinking, and delivery needed to help bring transformational outcomes to your estate, network, or assets and the service you provide your customers.

Why Cohesive?

Hands-on Industry Experience

Our 900-plus team of engineers, data scientists, researchers, writers, and people coaches have exceptionally rich knowledge of digital and organizational change management coupled with real word domain knowledge. They are ready to support your journey to delivering a high-performing digital future and meeting your business objectives.

Systems Integrator for every stage of the asset lifecycle

To ensure outcomes are delivered as a systems integrator we don’t just deploy software and walk away we work with our clients to ensure their outcomes are sustainably achieved. 

Authorities in Global Data Management

From data insight, data quality and governance, data security, data management our team will help you unlock the power of your data to meet your organizational objectives.

Experts in creation and management of Digital Twin

We identify and deliver multiple types of twin, from  descriptive to predictive to autonomous, providing different levels of value to meet your unique needs.

Leading Digital Integration Specialists

Customer-focused, we fully consider you and your precise needs, to ensure seamless integration with your existing data sets and technology ecosystem.

World renowned digital transformation consultants

Successful digital transformation is driven by our experience consultants who recognize the importance of understanding and aligning to your organization or program goals.

Sustaining results through Organisational Change Management

To fully capitalize on digital transformation we help you change processes, ways of working and people’ behaviour to make change sustainable and adopted.

Meet the Board

Colin Ellam
Chief Executive Officer

Eoin Dilworth
Chief Operations Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Henri Snijders
Chief Transformation Officer

Pierre De Wet
Managing Director Americas

Jon Kerbey
Managing Director EMEA

Engteck Soon
Managing Director APAC

Tina Burgess
Director of People and Culture

Adrian Burgess
Chief Technology Officer

Jarosław Łukasiewicz
Managing Director Vetasi

Join the Cohesive Team of Experts

Discover a future of Operational Excellence, Sustainable Growth and Collaborative Opportunities with us.

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