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IBM Envizi ESG Software Suite

Empowering a Sustainable Built Environment with Intelligent Solutions

At Cohesive, we understand the challenges faced by organizations operating within the built environment, especially sustainability, environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, and regulation requirements.

Go beyond reporting with the data needed for effective ESG management

Becoming a truly sustainable enterprise is hard. For most organizations, it is no longer a good deed: It’s a matter of survival, as a business and for the planet. To put sustainability goals into action, clients need solutions tailored to their specific needs. Finding the right partner and solution to help build a strategic roadmap and establish an ESG data foundation enables organizations to be more responsible and profitable. 

Investors are increasingly scrutinizing ESG performance and looking for companies to rise to the challenge of delivering ESG improvements. To embed sustainability into their business transformation goals, organizations need to connect their strategy with their day-to-day operations. Beyond investors, customers are looking at a company’s ESG stance to decide whether to do business with them.

From optimizing energy consumption and reducing operational costs to enhancing sustainability and improving carbon goals, there is a constant need for innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. That’s where IBM Envizi ESG suite comes in.

IBM Envizi Benefits

Builds an ESG Data Foundation

Enable a single system of record that delivers auditable, finance-grade ESG and sustainability data and insights to measure, report, operationalize, and achieve sustainability roadmaps.

Streamlines ESG Reporting

Through flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external ESG and sustainability reporting requirements.

Engages Internal and External Stakeholders

With insights that empower them to embrace low-carbon goals.

Integrates People, Processes and Technology

To ensure sustainability is embedded into daily operations and BAU.

Identifies Inefficiencies

Scope 1,2 & 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, reporting, target setting and tracking to identify excessive energy usage or other inefficiencies.

Extends Asset Life and Reach Sustainability Targets

Proven Maximo Application Suite (MAS) connection which enables the creation of resilient and sustainable infrastructure and operations to extend the life of equipment, buildings, bridges, fleets, water lines and more to reach sustainability targets.​

ESG reporting software | Leading ESG reporting frameworks

IBM Envizi is a cutting-edge software platform designed to empower organizations operating within the built environment to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable outcomes. The platform automates collecting and consolidating more than 500 data types, while supporting major, internationally recognized ESG reporting frameworks.

With powerful visualizations and easily customizable dashboards, Envizi enables organizations to manage environmental goals, identify efficiency opportunities, and assess sustainability risks.

Cohesive Value Solutions underpinned by this technology include:

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