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Unlocking Infinite Potential with the Cohesive Infinity Twin

End-to-End Asset Optimization with Human-Centric Digital and Change Solutions

Building a better future with Cohesive

The Cohesive Infinity Digital Twin is based on providing the benefits of Digital Twins throughout the entire life of your assets, networks and estates. Our years of combined experience have enabled us to develop a full set of technologies and services which address the creation, use and analysis of all of your asset data, providing previously unseen access to current and future performance, revolutionizing your ability to provide the best possible service to your customers.

The infinity digital twin approach is based on a continuous loop of data, rather than the current traditional linear approach, enabling multiple feedback opportunities to understand and interpret service performance. This provides new capabilities to maximize the time to value and return on investment from your assets throughout their lifecycle as well as being able to model and simulate change, providing insights into impacts years in advance of any physical change and well before budgets are put at risk. This is particularly critical in the case of safety critical assets, one of our particular specialities.

With adaptable and scalable digital twin solutions, we help you realize new value, fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Our Value Solutions leverage cutting-edge technology, including Bentley iTwin, IBM AI, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics. Our comprehensive suite of technology allows us to support all your business needs in a scaleable, cost effective and flexible way, incrementally adding value and benefits to your business and customers.

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Enhanced Asset Performance

Achieve higher ROI and time to value with optimized service levels, dynamic measurement and continuous learning feedback loops.

Sustainable and Resilient Operations

By maximizing visibility and real-time understanding of asset performance we help reduce environmental impact for Net Zero goals and enhance resilience of your critical infrastructure.

Integrated Lifecycle Delivery

Through connected ecosystems and advanced analytics we enable a personalized data experience to reinvent business decision making.

Meet the Cohesive Infinity Digital Twin

The Cohesive Infinity Digital Twin is the result of many years of experience both of the digital aspects of twin, but also a deep understanding of the process of delivering and operating the biggest and most complex assets and networks in the world. Our expert teams work with academia, governments, standards bodies and owner operators to ensure relevance and focus on the worlds largest challenges.

The Infinity Digital Twin is our latest example of this. Bringing together virtual and physical data from around the asset lifecycle we are able to bring new relevance to performance analytics, not just indicating current performance but looking back to understand how an asset of component performs with respect to its initial deigns and using AI tools to both predict future performance, but also diagnose where assets fall short.

The loop covers the full lifecycle and so does our digital twin, providing line of business services, legacy integration, data quality management and analytics all brought together through the market leading Bentley iTwin technology.

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The infinity twin journey helps our customers shift from stand-alone capabilities to an entire optimized lifecycle with integrated outcomes. By linking the physical and digital environment we can help our customers to make better informed decisions leading to improved outcomes.

We identify multiple types of twin, providing different levels of value. As an organization and their assets cycle through the infinity loop, their twin can similarly progress in level of maturity and scale of value.


Without a clear definition of an asset or networks required performance it is impossible to understand the downstream data being provided by the twin. There is a need for a clear definition of service, relevant regulation and standards and other performance criteria. It is also a fundamental requirement of many of our public assets to provide clear line of sight of safety critical aspects, including performance criteria.

We have a number of technologies including our own ComplyPro solution, as well as those of our partners such as IBM Doors.


Progressive assurance increases the integrity, efficiency, and quality of design and delivery across and throughout project and asset lifecycle. It gives stakeholders greater visibility of project health and reduces costly delays and overruns.

Compliance and assurance are frequently left until the handover stage of a project. At Cohesive we provide a progressive assurance capability for the delivery of both our clients’ physical and digital deliveries. This allows us to continuously track and test data exchanges across the lifecycle. We have a number of technologies including our own ComplyPro solution, as well as those of our partners such as IBM Doors.


Without an unbiased appraisal of design options, it is hard to confidently justify the investment costs based on greatest return and achievement of brief. Our structured framework for assessing the options ensures the benefits are achieved and the most efficient solution is identified, maximizing ROI.

We employ a data driven approach to assess solution options, and report on the chosen decisions with an audit trail to provide an unbiased justification for the preferred design and investment. Data interpretation, modelling and simulations ensure the right option is validated and can be viewed and communicated clearly to designers and suppliers. We have a number of supporting technologies including iTwin and ProjectWise.


We reduce costs and risks associated with the design process by creating a collaborative open design environment, so there is no miscommunication or delay looking for information.

We support our clients in the design stage, maximizing supply chain collaboration. We implement tools including Common Data Environments to ensure there is a consistent means for exchanging information. Managing the BIM and Soft Landings process (to ISO19650 and BS8536) along with digital twin support for design & asset lifecycle visualization and maximizing data sharing and integration opportunities such as 4D,5D and carbon. We have a number of technologies including our own DataConnect and those of our partners including ProjectWise and iTwin.


During the delivery stage there is a risk of overruns, need for rework, change orders, H&S hazards and under delivery on requirements.

We enable delivery teams to manage the programme live, connected to the digital design and schedule for full transparency, early visibility and mitigation of risks, change orders and clear understanding of impact. This digital environment enables you to manage costs and monitor schedule progress  across the programme and supply chain ensuring SLAs are achieved.

BIM and construction stage digital twins allows us to virtually rehearse solutions, digitally monitor progress including logistics, cost, manage risks and optimize health & safety. We have a number of technologies that support the deliver phase including our GeoConnect+ platform and our partner solutions: ProjectWise, iTwin, Synchro and AssetWise.


The operational phase of an asset’s life is the most expensive phase, and the greatest opportunity to maximize customer satisfaction and ROI. Cohesive supports customers to increase the value of the asset and return it delivers through the utilization of the operational digital twin. This connects historic and live data to a dynamic digital representation for analysis, and predictive modelling of risk, capacity and reliability. This results in increased productivity, greater management of costs and H&SE legislation.

We maximize the value of data to optimize operational performance. We ensure seamless data transfer between delivery and asset management systems using our data factory and their various connectors.

Our Enterprise Asset Management solutions  and dynamic operational digital twins reduce downtime and operational risks, improve health & safety, remove inefficiencies and can help inform predictive action. We have a number of technologies that support the operate including the IBM Maximo suite, IBM Envizi, iTwin, AssetWise and Planon.


We utilize IoT, AI and ML to capture, analyze, understand and make decisions using large volumes of data. We then provide access to data in one place to identify performance trends and predict asset behaviours against requirements for and safety, well-being, legislation and customer needs.

Optimizing the asset using real-time data enables productivity maximization to increase revenue, coupled with O&M cost and risk reduction, to directly impact the bottom line.

Our digital twin solutions can make live operational interventions to drive continuous improvements, system optimization and user experience.

We have a number of technologies that support the operate including IBM Envizi, iTwin and AssetWise Analytics.

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