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Connected Common Data Environment (C-CDE)

Access trusted data across your digital estate

Provides capabilities to support the planning, acquisition, assurance, visualization and management of information throughout the design, delivery and operation of infrastructure assets.


Connects multiple data sources, simplifying the collation and management of information across teams.


Enables project teams to collaborate and work more effectively.


Enriches data across the digital estate so that is tagged consistently and connected up.

Make sure you're connected

Well-managed information in a cloud-based common data environment enables project teams to collaborate and work more effectively, and for asset owners to access trusted data across their digital estate.

As well as providing a gateway for suppliers to exchange project and asset information the C-CDE solution from Cohesive validates, masters, and enriches data so that is tagged consistently and connected up.

The C-CDE solution combines Bentley Infrastructure Cloud applications, including ProjectWise, SYNCHRO, AssetWise ALIM and iTwin with Cohesive’s Data Services, and presents the data in a map-based unified portal. The solution is underpinned by Bentley’s iTwin Platform. 

The C-CDE comes pre-configured so that correspondence and engineering objects in ProjectWise, deliverables and asset information in ALIM, and activities, resources, cost and budget impacts in SYNCHRO are connected, geo-located and easily findable.

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