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Requirements Management and Progressive Assurance

Cohesive’s Requirements and Progressive Assurance solution enhances infrastructure investment by facilitating efficient requirements capture, validation, and delivery tracking. Our strategic advice, data management, and digital capabilities ensure clear articulation of business, design, regulatory, and operational requirements from the outset.

Simplify Complexity

We prioritize assurance throughout the process, validating virtual and physical deliverables, managing change, and ensuring compliance. With real-time tracking and reporting, we minimize rework costs and delays, enabling clients to achieve their infrastructure objectives with confidence and efficiency.

Cohesive simplifies the complexities of infrastructure investment, optimizing project outcomes and delivering value for our clients.

Requirements Mastery

Real-time management of project requirements for informed decisions and an evidence-based audit trail. 

Unified Data Governance

Secure, standardised data repository as a single source of truth for aligning outcomes and assessing changes. 

Comprehensive Compliance

Effortless requirement communication, tracking, and validation with progressive assurance for comprehensive compliance. 

Streamline Requirements Management

We assure compliance and satisfaction of requirements, from design to completion. 

  • Ensure data requirements are met as per the master data management plan.
  • Confirm solution alignment with the brief and operational targets.
  • Manage change throughout delivery and operations.
  • Assure and report on compliance.
  • Track and report on regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce costs and delays linked to rework.

Capture, Manage and Track Requirements

Cohesive streamlines requirement planning, assessment, and management in one location, ensuring consistency and minimizing the risk of loss or miscommunication. Our solution enables comprehensive tracking, change management, and assurance of requirement fulfillment, with the ability to simulate alternative approaches to meet objectives.

By integrating existing and innovative technologies, we empower you to efficiently define, assess, and make evidence-based decisions, providing audit traceability and reporting. This digital capability spans the asset’s lifecycle, facilitating ongoing assurance, agile response to changes, and performance optimization.

With Cohesive, you can effectively manage change requests, adapt to environmental and market fluctuations, and maximize ROI while maintaining full visibility and control.

Related Technologies:

Our Cohesive Requirements Management and Progressive Assurance offering can be coupled with related core technologies, where required, including:

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Communications, Traceability and Change Management

Cohesive streamlines requirement communication, approval, and understanding for all stakeholders, minimizing miscommunication risks. It provides a centralized platform for seamless collaboration and a shared understanding of outcomes and deliverables. This eliminates the need for time-consuming meetings and ensures a single version of the truth.

Cohesive enables data-supported requirement development across the asset lifecycle. It establishes a feedback loop between physical and virtual assets, ensuring visibility and compliance with requirements. This facilitates accountability in the supply chain and allows simulations to assess the impact of changes on cost and schedule. Updates are integrated into the virtual model, providing real-time visibility and evidence-based decision-making.

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

Discover how we unlock the infinite potential of your business with our Cohesive Infinity Loop model.

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