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Cohesive's Digital Twin Solutions

Optimising Asset Performance and Decision Making In Real-Time

Cohesive enables organizations to exploit their data, develop new business capabilities, and optimize asset performance.

Our comprehensive Digital Twin services drive accurate, consistent, and complete data. They allow our clients to make effective decisions on both tactical and strategic levels.

Reduce Operational Expenditure

Utilize digital twinning to identify deviations, simulate outcomes, and perform predictive maintenance for reduced operational expenditure throughout the asset life. 


Enhance asset and operator safety by remotely monitoring and assessing asset health. Reduce site visits and leverage the virtual representation capabilities of the digital twin.

Improve Environmental Impact

Leverage the digital twin to measure waste, CO2 emissions, and performance and enable real-time decision-making and actions for improved environmental impact.

Cohesive Digital Twins

Seamless Integration

Cohesive’s Digital Twin solutions seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, providing contextual visualization and driving quality, productivity, and waste reduction. With real-time analysis of assets, workflows, and environmental data, organizations can optimize processes and mitigate risks, ensuring evidence-based decision-making throughout the asset lifecycle.

Federated Digital Twin 

Connect multiple data points and information models for enhanced value and performance across your assets and organization.  The federated digital twin can slash the time spent searching for information by up to 30 percent. Access key operational information in real-time to support operational activities, trigger events, and reliability planning.

Mastered Digital Twin

A system integrator, Cohesive integrates data from various sources for contextual visualization and analysis. Cohesive’s master data services align and share data from different systems and data acquisition layers, driving quality, reducing waste, and improving productivity. The platform seamlessly combines Building Information Models (BIM), Geospatial Information Services (GIS), documentation, project control, and real-time sensor data for comprehensive analytics, and insights in real-time.

Digital Twin for Asset Management

Optimize operations and asset management activities with a digital twin that enables real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and proactive maintenance regimes – a ‘repair before fail’ approach. Identify and address potential failures or risks before they occur and ensure optimal asset performance, energy usage, environmental impact, and safety.

Cohesive Digital Twin Benefits

  • Maximize asset performance through continuous monitoring, prediction, and response.
  • Extend asset life and minimize downtime with reliable condition-based maintenance.
  • Increase revenue by optimizing capacity planning and coordination.
  • Streamline operational management and reduce costs using innovative technologies.
  • Mitigate risks and enhance safety with robotics and Artificial Reality in hazardous zones.
  • Generate evidence-based reports for regulatory compliance and ESG requirements.

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