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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

With Cohesive, you gain the power to obtain reliable and accurate insights from your EAM solution. Our data management experts lay the foundations for capturing the right information within your EAM system, ensuring easy access to trustworthy and timely data. Drawing on our industry knowledge and leading digital asset management capabilities, we will identify the optimum EAM solution for you, one that drives better decision-making, faster interventions, and proactive actions. 

Our expertise enables organizations to extract additional value from their assets across the entire lifecycle, paving the way for reliable and timely asset management and empowering you to achieve and report on your goals confidently. 

Efficient Asset Management

Maximise productivity with integrated asset views, optimized schedules, workflows, and work orders for revenue growth and cost reduction. 

Risk Mitigation Solutions

Mitigate risks through real-time insights and critical applications for incident management, investigations, and risk assessment. 

Uptime Optimisation

Proactively monitor assets and use data and analytics to minimize downtime, streamline workflows, and extend asset life. 

Enterprise Asset Management Excellence

EAM with IBM Maximo

Cohesive, in partnership with IBM and their Maximo Application Suite (MAS), enables you to amplify the value of all your assets, from buildings to linear infrastructure, rigs, plants, and fleets. We can enable you to obtain reliable and accurate insights from your EAM program. 

We are a world-leading provider of IBM Maximo Software, the most powerful EAM solution available today. 

Cohesive employs the largest team of industry experts and certified Maximo professionals in the EAM marketplace. Our energy, utilities, and manufacturing domain knowledge of industry-leading practices enables our clients to achieve high-performance reliability programs and maximize their Maximo technology investment. 

IBM Maximo unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management on a single platform. We can tailor solutions to your Maximo needs, including upgrading you to MAS and hosting for you on a Cohesive cloud.

Maximo Upgrade and Data Utilities

Ensure data security and uninterrupted Maximo EAM operation during upgrades or remote work with Cohesive’s data management expertise. Maintain live data through migration, mitigating downtime and loss. 

Asset Performance Management

Evaluate, manage, and optimize assets with data-driven insights. Identify underperforming assets, manage risks, and optimize performance to achieve investment goals effectively.

Integrated Workplace Management

Streamline business procedures, cut costs, and maximize workplace performance with Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management Software. Gain a clear overview of your estate portfolio aligned with corporate objectives.

iTwin for Maximo

Manage assets effectively through digital transformation and real-time data integration. Optimize asset performance, respond to risks, and make informed decisions based on accurate, complete data. 

EAM Advisory

Collaboratively develop and deploy the right Enterprise Asset Management solution, maximizing value and insights. Leverage expertise in ISO standards (ISO 55000 Series) and digital operations management for sustainable outcomes.

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Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

Discover how we unlock the infinite potential of your business with our Cohesive Infinity Loop model.

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