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Asset Performance Optimization

Achieve Sustainable Operational Excellence with Integrated Asset Performance Management

Cohesive enables clients to optimize their assets for sustainable operational excellence through an integrated approach to asset performance management (APM). APM encompasses data capture, integration, visualization, and analytics to improve the reliability and availability of physical assets. By investing in asset performance, clients gain valuable insights for evaluating, managing, and optimizing their infrastructure network or asset portfolio.

Efficient Asset Management

We provide expert consulting and APM core technologies, leveraging IoT platforms, sensors, and machine learning with analytical software to predict change, optimize performance, and achieve business outcomes. Our services include data insights, advanced analytics, and comprehensive decision support systems for efficient asset management throughout lifecycles.

Optimize Performance

Align asset performance with customer demand by continuously assessing and making quick decisions to optimize performance while managing costs. 


Ensure maximum asset uptime by implementing preventative maintenance schedules and integrating with the supply chain to reduce failure risks and minimize downtime.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce costs, enhance safety, and drive sustainability by implementing reliability standards, predictive health monitoring, and carbon emissions reduction strategies.

Performance Management
(Energy and Utilities)

We support our clients in the energy and utilities sector to continually monitor, measure, and predict their assets’ performance. We support them in optimizing the operations of their assets in real-time to respond to market conditions, environmental changes, and asset conditions safely and quickly. Through continual monitoring, feedback, assessment, predictions, and decision-making, and by utilizing AI tools, sensors, and control activators, we transform economic, environmental, and social outcomes.

Performance management (Transportation and Mobility)

By coupling our Asset Performance Management solution and linear analytics with our data management and strategic advice, we support our clients in the transport and mobility sector, to optimize the performance of their assets, connect the supply chain, and coordinate predictive and proactive maintenance. This reduces downtime, increases safety and customer service, and reduces the exposure to fines. We ensure information is available to the right people in real-time so decisions and actions can be made quickly and confidently to ensure operations are always efficient.

Improve Overall Asset Performance

Use our Asset Performance Management and Optimization solutions, such as Bentley Analytics and iTwin to deliver measurable and immediate outcomes. Improve your company’s overall asset performance, reduce the amount of unplanned downtime and operational risks, increase asset availability and lifetime, and digitize your mobile workforce.

Solution Benefits

  • Operational performance measures – evidence-based strategies
  • Future investment – transparent justification of funding
  • Maximize uptime and safety – reduce risks, design improvements
  • Maximize asset performance – monitor, predict, mitigate, and improve design
  • Extend asset life – condition-based programs and strategies
  • Regulatory and ESG support – real-time evidence-based analysis and reporting

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