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An Open Platform for Infrastructure Digital Twins

Create, curate, and use Digital Twins in engineering workflows for design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Timely Information

Get the right information to the right people at the right time to make more informed and timely decisions.

Open & Scalable

Open, scalable cloud platform providing APIs and services to help developers create digital twin applications for project teams.

Proven Foundation

Provides the foundation for building SaaS solutions for owner-operators to create, visualize and analyze digital twins of infrastructure assets.

Build Solutions on a Digital Twin Platform Purpose-Made for the Built World

The iTwin creates a realistic digital representation of the asset, from engineering workflows, construction operations, and maintenance. This provides the ability to securely connect, share, and stay up-to-date with changes, to track and improve project performance or operational behaviors.

The visual, collaborative environment containing historical, current, real-time, and predictive data, provides visibility and insight for data-driven decisions across the life of the asset, making the design of infrastructure sustainable and resilient.

iTwin connects asset data with reality data to serve as the context for the design and also integrates sensor, IoT, and environmental data to further determine what is the best design. iTwin makes data available to the right people, at the right time, enabling users to visualize and navigate the critical infrastructure data, through a single lens, with the ability to visualize change, resolve conflicts, and keep an accurate record and audit trail, using data that is compliant and reliable. 

Related Value Solutions

Cohesive Value Solutions underpinned by this technology include:

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Benefits of iTwin

  • A single view of the data allows design teams to work together regardless of location
  • Better, faster, data-driven decisions
  • Reduce overheads, change requests, timelines, and risk
  • Meet sustainability goals through simulations of options

  • Optimize the handover process from project to support operations, inspection and maintenance
  • Predict and manage real-time worker health and safety
  • Improve tracking of project performance, monitoring planned versus actual construction data
  • Ensure the right materials and quantities arrive at the right time and place

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

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