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Energy & Utilities

In a sector that is facing disruptive transformation, we partner with global energy providers to protect the resilience and reliability of the world’s energy networks.

Respond Effectively and Efficiently

We provide world-class solutions for owners and operators that transform the management of these critical services, to reduce risks and costs while improving regulatory compliance, performance, resilience, reliability, safety, and sustainability. 

We recognise the increasing pressures our clients are facing due to rapidly changing external conditions and social expectations and we support them to predict, manage, adapt, and respond effectively and efficiently whilst maintaining high customer service and reliable delivery.  

We work with our clients to develop new capabilities and business models, empowering them to employ data-driven and digitally enabled assets at every stage of the asset’s lifecycle, with a strong focus on reducing environmental impact.

Cohesive utilises BIM processes and digital twins to support its clients as the world transitions to decarbonised energy systems. We support emerging long-duration energy creation and storage technologies that will be critical for the wide-scale deployment of renewable clean energy. 

Case Studies

Our case studies in the field of energy and utilities exemplify our expertise and innovative solutions in this vital sector. These case studies shed light on successful projects that have transformed energy production, distribution, and consumption.

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