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Consolidated Edison: A Upgrade Journey to Maximo Application Suite

Con Edison is a regulated electric, gas, and steam utility that provides energy-related services to various populations in the Northeastern United States.


Their commitment to excellence and clean energy drives them to optimize all business areas, prioritizing streamlined processes, datadriven decisions, and utilizing modern maintenance practices to manage and optimize safe, reliable, and profitable operations.


As part of their effort to drive excellence and advance operations across all business units, Con Edison engaged with Cohesive to conduct an assessment of their maintenance program and implement a multi-year roadmap to guide their efforts in continuous improvement.

A Strategic Roadmap for Operational Growth

One goal foundational to the success of the roadmap was to extend and expand their use of Maximo as their primary EAM system, with the projection to use Maximo as their single source of truth across all business units. This included integrating their 14 legacy systems into Maximo and the Maximo Application Suite and utilizing the updates and applications within the new Maximo Application Suite
platform to increase collaboration and efficiencies in their business.

To achieve this, Con Edison worked with Cohesive to upgrade their current EAM system to the new Maximo Application Suite (MAS).

The Solution

Cohesive began work with Con Edison on their Maximo Application Suite upgrade in September of 2022. The goal: Have their 1500 users on the most current version of MAS by September of 2023.


With the success of this initiative, they would have a firm foundation to advance the rest of their multi-year roadmap, bringing all other projects and business groups into MAS to better support their goals around maintenance and operations.


The process involved creating multiple MAS environments to perform in-depth testing and development of new functionality that is tailored to the unique needs of Con Edison, each environment incrementally adding on functionality to the next.

Intelligent Asset Management Tailored to Industry Needs

Cohesive guided Con Edison through these changes with support around infrastructure expertise, integration/configuration support, automated testing, change management, and training, and project management.

Con Edison went live with MAS in September of 2023 and was able to do so with minimal disruption to their daily operations. This included tailored support around the end user’s adoption and continued supporting and sustaining of the environment post go-live.

Con Edison now benefits from the newest MAS features and applications, including:

  • Licensing to support the expansion of Maximo across their two plants and thousands of users
  • Utilization of new tools within MAS to better manage and improve work management
  • Containerized technology, increasing availability of the platform across sites and increased users
  • Full support from IBM and Cohesive
  • Supportive foundation to continue their EAM roadmap

Advancing Continuous Improvement

The migration from legacy systems to a more robust and optimized use of the Maximo Application Suite was one foundational piece of a larger strategic roadmap for the client. After the successful go-live, they plan to focus on:

  • Maximo Consolidation Program –a large initiative to merge additional business units into Maximo to further establish Maximo as the single source of truth for maintenance and work management.
  • License Optimization to understand how App Points usage is calculated in MAS and how to streamline usage going forward.
  • Exploring capabilities for applications with the Maximo Application Suite in addition to Manage by building proof of concept in partnership with IBM.
  • Minimizing downtime during outages: Con Edison is working on the implementation of Cohesive Data Utility (CDU), a tool that minimizes environment downtime significantly and allows for shorter outages during Maximo enhancements and upgrades.

The Results

Driving Business Growth with IBM Maximo Application Suite


Con Edison is one of many industry service providers making the move to Maximo Application Suite. MAS is the most intelligent, and integrated asset management solution on the market, providing benefits across multiple business units, and improving the safety, reliability, and profitability of operations.


Cohesive partners with clients as their digital advisor, guiding them through best practice and technology solutions across the entire asset lifecycle. As a verified IBM business partner, Cohesive has deep expertise in asset management, industry solutions, and Maximo across all industries.

“The Maximo Application Suite provides us a firm foundation and framework to optimize our maintenance, EAM, operations and more.It also gives us a versatile toolbox to leverage for many EAM use cases, now and in the future. As an early adopter of MAS, we were able to have some influence on the solution and tweak it to meet the unique needs for utilities and other business types.”

Bob FykeProject Lead – Consolidated Edison of New York
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