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HES Gdynia Bulk Terminal is a part of HES International, one of Europe’s largest independent terminal operators in dry and liquid bulk products. HES terminals operate in Europe’s most important ports at prime locations, including a bulk cargo terminal in Gdynia, one of the biggest seaports in Poland.

HES Gdynia acts as a universal terminal providing 24-hour trans shipment services and storage of dry bulk cargoes such as coal, coke, and ore. 

HES Gdynia fact-file:

  • Open storage capacity: 107,000 m2
  • Covered storage capacity: 226,000 m3
  • Access by: Vessel, barge, rail, truck
  • draft: 13.0 m
  • Products: Agricultural products, minerals, aggregates, Iron ore, coke, coking & steam coal
  • Transloading of liquids: Chemicals (3, 6, 8, 9 classes IMDG Code), diesel oil and petrochemicals
  • Services provided: Handling, Storage, Weighing
  • Assets: A modern and diversified fleet of grab hook cranes, hoppers, wheel loaders, rolling equipment, rail- and truck weighbridges


The Challenge

HES wanted to implement an asset management system (AMS) to manage and maintain cranes, loaders and other equipment. Its primary objective was to significantly improve the efficiency of maintenance work.

HES also wanted to eliminate paper versions of its work and repair reports and to build a central repository of all information about its assets. The goals were defined as follows:

  • Building a central database of assets to collect all required information within the electronic repository
  • Providing support for processes in the planning and realization of maintenance works following HES internal procedures and external regulations
  • Failures registration, along with analysis and handling
  • Development of a mobile application to support maintenance works in the field and registration of all undesirable events including failures
  • Optimization of human resources management along with the necessary supervision regarding permissions and qualifications to perform tasks

The Solution

Cohesive was recommended to HES Gdynia by IBM Poland. IBM highlighted our knowledge, business, organisational and technical skills and expressed confidence these would guarantee efficient implementation of the AMS.

Thanks to Cohesive’s close relationship with IBM Polska, they recommended Cohesive to the client as their best business partner with the, business, organizational, and technical skills which would guarantee knowledge efficient implementation of the AMS.

The delivered solution is based on the following products:

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6
  • Custom Mobile Application

Modules of IBM Maximo Asset Management implemented:

  • Asset Management
  • Warranty
  • Asset Meters
  • Contracts
  • Inventory
  • Job Plans
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Work orders
  • Service Request
  • Crafts and Competencies

The mobile application supports:

  • Failure reporting
  • Work Orders

All the data was migrated from Excel files. Data was prepared based on data in legacy systems.

In some cases, data was derived directly from technical documentation. The Cohesive team was further responsible for preparing detailed design and technical documentation of the solution.

The implemented solution covers the following areas:

  • Asset repository with classifications, attributes, and relationships, as well as records of asset ownership agreements and guarantees
  • Tracking downtime of assets due to maintenance or breakdowns
  • Each asset’s meter management
  • Inventory management regarding tools and materials necessary to complete work orders
  • Planning processes (daily, mid-, and long- term preventive maintenance) with the alignment to internal HES procedures and external regulations
  • Job plans and automatic work order scheduling (calendar and meter-based)
  • Work orders management (planning, assignments, realization, reporting)
  • Staff management required for maintenance tasks including skills, competencies, and shifts
  • Alerting via SMS and mobile application – work assignments, failures, escalations
  • Handling processes related to failures and breakdowns: the registration, failure analysis, and work orders to compensate for the effects of undesirable situations and repair
  • Support for decommissioning processes
  • Development of a mobile application for failure reporting and work orders (assignments, reporting)
  • Custom reports for assets and work orders analysis

The project was successfully completed in October 2022, HES then sought our help for a maintenance and support project with an additional agreement was signed off for further development work.


The implementation of IBM Maximo Asset Management with the added mobile solution has delivered many benefits to HES, including:

  • The ability to track, manage and maintain significant assets
  • Real-time access to resources and work order information
  • Automation of business processes in the field of improving records and management of assets
  • Access to the history of works and the life cycle of assets
  • Improving the management of maintenance works and repairs
  • Reducing the time from failure reporting (with the use of the mobile app) to repair

Further development work is also ongoing, especially regarding extending the functionality of the mobile application.


“With our new asset management system, the access to this vital information now allows us to optimize our decision-making and improve our work effectiveness.”

Rafal LibnerHES Gdynia Financial Controller / Project Manager
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