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Our Partner Ecosystem

Cohesive is supported and powered by our strong alliances with industry leaders including partnerships with Bentley Systems and IBM. Together, we collectively bring you a comprehensive suite of multi-vendor, cutting-edge solutions designed to transform your business.


By joining forces with IBM, a global technology powerhouse, we harness advanced technologies such as the Maximo Application Suite, IBM Envizi, and expertise to unlock new possibilities for your organization and its full asset lifecycle management. Whether  leveraging AI and machine learning, harnessing the power of cloud computing, or driving digital transformation, our partnership with IBM ensures you stay ahead of the curve.


Our collaboration with Bentley Systems, a leading provider of software solutions for infrastructure design, construction, and operations, empowers us to deliver holistic solutions tailored to your specific industry needs. From smart cities and transportation to architecture and engineering, we combine our strengths to offer unparalleled innovation and efficiency.

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