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Maximo Application Suite

Sustainable operational excellence and an integrated approach to digital Enterprise Asset Management with Maximo Application Suite

Organizational-wide integrated support maximizes value over the life of the asset

Unified Platform

Unified platform delivering asset lifecycle, performance, and maintenance. New efficiencies are identified and applied, maximizing asset value. Optimized uptime and performance levels and reduced maintenance costs via predictive analytics

Improved Visibility

Allows greater data sharing, with predictive maintenance for a better understanding of the asset, enabling improved asset management.

Gives access to key monitoring and reliability applications on a single platform.

Increased Scalability

Being deployed in the RedHat OpenShift platform offers scalability, and faster-running applications, using fewer resources.

Updates are automatically available with minimal disruption.

Why Cohesive?

Cohesive is the world’s largest implementer of IBM Maximo, with hundreds of qualified implementers worldwide. Our expertise includes supporting hundreds Maximo customers and delivering even more Maximo upgrades. We currently host IBM Maximo customers throughout Cohesive Hosting and were one of the first digital integrators to implement Maximo Application Suite.

Our strengths lie in data management, optimizing insights from Maximo deployments, and integrating add-ons to maximize scheduling and asset performance. We excel in digital transformation and organizational change management.

We prioritize security, ensuring a secure environment, and building confidence in data ownership and control. We offer end-to-end asset lifecycle management, adapting to diverse needs, and adhering to ISO 55000 standards and industry best practices.

Cohesive Value Solutions underpinned by this technology include:

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Benefits of IBM Maximo

  • Improved utilization and performance
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Extend the life of the asset

  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Ensure productivity of assets remains uncompromised
  • Improved return on asset
  • Maximo version 7.6 is approaching “End of Life” in Sept 2025

Blogs, News and Case Studies

Our collection of blogs, news and case studies for IBM Maximo showcases the effectiveness and versatility of this powerful asset management solution. These case studies highlight real-world examples where organizations have leveraged IBM Maximo to optimize maintenance operations, streamline asset tracking, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

Discover how we unlock the infinite potential of your business with our Cohesive Infinity Loop model.

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