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Transportation & Mobility

Our deep domain, data, digital twin, cyber security, system integration and people-centered change expertise optimizes the flow of people and goods, locally, nationally and globally.

Providing future-proofed transportation infrastructure

Cohesive underpins the assets of leading transportation networks, around the world. 

As the transportation and mobility sector faces dramatic transformations to be increasingly user-centric, meeting the growing expectations of smoother more integrated transport, while also managing cost pressures and reducing the environmental impact, we partner with our clients to rethink the way they operate.   

We help our clients to understand, build and manage their new and existing network of assets, its interactions, and users’ requirements to provide infrastructure that is fit for purpose now and in the future.

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their business outcomes through the exploitation of data and digital, improving financial, social, customer and environmental outcomes. 

Case Studies

Our collection of Case Studies in Transportation and Mobility demonstrates our expertise in optimizing transportation systems, enhancing urban mobility, and implementing sustainable practices. Through these case studies, we showcase our capabilities and insights in shaping the future of Transportation and Mobility.

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