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The relationship between US transit agencies and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires reporting yearly to the National Transit Database (NTD) – the complex repository of data about the financial, operating and asset condition of American transit systems and their assets.

The data supplied by agencies (including vehicle revenue miles, vehicle revenue hours, miles travelled and asset condition), has a vital role to play in unlocking $5 billion in federal grants annually.

But for the transit professionals responsible for aggregating and submitting the data, NTD reporting can be synonymous with frustration and stress. Transit agencies frequently tell us about the time-consuming, relentless nature of this yearly task.

Typically, significant interpretation and manual work is needed to assemble the right data in the right format from multiple disparate spreadsheets for submission, and to associate the relevant information from across operational, financial and asset management systems.

Cohesive’s NTD reporting solution

To resolve this challenge, we have developed an NTD reporting solution directly within Maximo, the most widely used and advanced enterprise asset management software.

We are excited to introduce this pre-configured solution to facilitate the collection, storage and management of the data required. It creates pre-formatted reports which agencies can upload directly to the FTA’s NTD reporting site.

It enables agencies to easily create the three most asset-centric reports:

  • Form A-15 (Transit Facilities Inventory)
  • Form A-30 (Revenue Vehicle Inventory)
  • Form A-35 (Service Vehicle Inventory)

Key benefits of the Cohesive NTD reporting solution:

✔️Captures all required information directly in Maximo to support these reports, alongside the normal Maximo Transportation vehicle management data set

✔️Greatly simplified process to provide essential regulatory reporting by your assigned annual deadline

✔️No need to spend time creating reports from multiple sources

✔️Pre-formatted reports which can be directly uploaded to the Federated Transit Agency’s NTD reporting site

✔️Reduced risk of providing incorrect or outdated information

About Cohesive and Maximo

Cohesive is the world’s largest implementer of IBM Maximo and an IBM platinum partner.

We employ the largest team of industry experts and certified Maximo professionals in the enterprise asset management marketplace.

We have an in-depth knowledge of Maximo and the Transportation industry, the benefits that it realizes and the ways in which transit organizations and agencies can maximize the value that they gain from it.

We regularly support major transport owner operators globally to implement it and to maximize the features and functions that it offers.

About the author

Greg Hoile is an experienced digital Enterprise Asset Management solutions architect, implementer and project manager and the Transportation Industry Lead for Cohesive Americas.

Greg’s career with Maximo started in 1994. He has implemented solutions for Amtrak, the NY M

TA, DART and others over the past 18 years and has significant

transport experience and industry awareness to bring high levels of value to a client as they progress through their journey through the definition and realisation of an EAM strategy and solution set.

Greg is an active and participating member of the Transportation and Maximo communities, the IAM and APTA.

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