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Bentley Systems' Infrastructure Project Delivery Software

ProjectWise enables the digital delivery of programs to benefit from greater efficiency, collaboration, coordination and a sustainable infrastructure design.


Higher-quality designs, with digital workflows for greater control.

Portfolio Intelligence

Live data across the portfolio reduces design time; standardize, automate and reuse designs and implement best practice.

Data Governance

Secure access to the right information at the right time, safeguarding the data whilst collaborating across the supply chain and enforcing industry and project standards.

Design Management

Manage designs consistently across project teams, ensuring compliance with BIM requirements through the design process and a fully traceable audit trail.

Innovation Made Easy

Project delivery has never been more complex. Move beyond engineering work-in-progress to digital delivery for more efficient, collaborative, and sustainable infrastructure design.

Take advantage of digital twins and Bentley’s infrastructure schemas to leverage data across projects, maximize insights and learnings, and reuse from previous projects. With new tools to make the most of your data, ProjectWise makes it easy to innovate without disruption in the face of today’s complexities. 

Cohesive Value Solutions underpinned by this technology include:

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Benefits of ProjectWise

  • Maximize insights, learnings and reuse of previous project experience
  • Collaborate and integrate multiple sources of data to connect global teams
  • Apply information for confident live actionable decisions

  • Manage work and project information in real-time
  • Standardize and efficiently manage information
  • Connect data to the iTwin to create the digital twin to feed into operations

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

Discover how we unlock the infinite potential of your business with our Cohesive Infinity Loop model.

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