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Information Management

Enabling Cohesion and Transparency

Cohesive provides comprehensive Information Management services throughout the asset lifecycle, promoting organizational cohesion and transparency. We help clients adopt industry-leading data standards and best practices for effective asset management. Our expertise allows us to integrate authoritative and reliable information across disciplines, reducing costs, risks, errors, and time associated with accessing data.

Information Management Services

With our global experience in information management, we offer unparalleled insight to develop successful information science strategies. Our approach encompasses user journeys, stakeholder engagement, training, and change management to optimize business processes and drive ownership. We facilitate collaborative environments with connected common data environments (CDE) to ensure up-to-date, linked, and secure information delivery, supporting your information management endeavors.

Collaborative Asset Environment

Foster collaboration and transparency across the asset lifecycle with tailored information strategies, accommodating different stages, suppliers, and maturity levels. 

Future-Oriented Planning

Mitigate risks by digitally designing with end goals in mind, ensuring thorough testing, simulation, and achievement of desired outcomes and requirements.

Risk and Cost Reduction

Minimize design and construction risks and costs through a collaborative environment for managing up-to-date information, enabling instant search and retrieval of accurate data.

Information Management Services

Project Information Management

Empower your capital delivery stages with a comprehensive information management strategy, supporting BIM, simulations, and risk mitigation. Gain transparency, control costs, and achieve ISO standards.  

Asset Information Management

Maximize asset management benefits with consistent, standardized information strategies. Achieve ISO standards, optimize performance, reduce downtime, and improve decision-making through transparent and reliable data.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Gain full visibility across the asset lifecycle stages and supply chain. Access the single version of truth, to co-ordinate activities, make informed decisions, reduce risks, and maximize uptime. Evolve information to reflect asset changes accurately. 

Information Delivery Planning

Develop scalable Information Delivery Plans aligned with ISO 19650 and the UK BIM Framework. Organize interactions, reduce errors, and ensure timely access to critical information for informed decision-making.

BIM Implementation Services

Achieve financial, social, and environmental outcomes through Cohesive’s information management services. Drive value with data-driven strategies, stakeholder engagement, and optimized business processes. Implement Cloud-based BIM and Digital Twin strategies for efficient outcomes. 

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Our Cohesive Information Management offering can be coupled with related core technologies, where required. These are Bentley Infrastructure Cloud Apps, including:

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