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Digital Strategy

Paving the Way for a Successful Digital Future

Cohesive understands the unique challenges faced by asset-intensive clients in the built environment. As the digital era continues to re-shape industries, it is essential for businesses operating in these sectors to embrace a comprehensive digital strategy. Our innovative solutions are tailored specifically for built asset organisations, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Enhanced Delivery, Operational Efficiency

A well-defined digital strategy empowers clients to streamline their operations, automate processes, and eliminate inefficiencies. Our clients optimise asset utilisation, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. 


A digital strategy offers opportunities for cost optimization through the asset life cycle. During capital delivery, accurate data will support procurement and construction delivery management. During operational stages, we enable predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and real-time data analysis.

Real-Time Visibility and Decision-Making

Through integrated digital platforms and dashboards, clients can monitor assets, track performance, and access critical data from various sources. This visibility enables informed decision-making, allowing stakeholders to identify trends, optimise resource allocation, and capitalise on new business opportunities.

Embrace the Digital Revolution

Cohesive is committed to helping organizations in the built environment embrace the digital revolution. Our team of digital experts understand the unique requirements across various sectors and work closely with clients to develop tailored and appropriate outcome-driven digital strategies.

By understanding your business needs, digital maturity, and real-world best practices, we empower clients to navigate the digital landscape, unlock new opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.

Bespoke Solutions to meet your Needs

Digital Transformation Strategies & Program Management

We help you plan, leverage, and adopt the latest digital technologies and processes that can dramatically enhance asset delivery, operation and optimization. 

Business Cases Development

Providing structured and evidence-based argument for why an initiative should be pursued, helping decision-makers evaluate its feasibility and potential impact on the organization.

Information Security Risk Advisory

The trend of increasingly complex IT ecosystems and transition towards cloud and digital twinning present particular challenges and risks. 

Our team provides risk-based assessments of information/cyber security approaches and security mitigation plans to ensure a mindful approach with still leverages the digital opportunities of data sharing and collaboration.

Strategic Asset Management & ISO55000 series

Collaboratively develop and deploy the right Enterprise Asset Management solution, aligned to an appropriately designed framework as outlined in the ISO 55000 series to maximize value and insights. Leverage expertise in ISO standards and digital operations management to provide a comprehensive approach to asset management that enhances efficiency, reduces costs and improves overall performance. 

ISO19650 and BIM Strategies

We have considerable experience of helping clients embed the ISO 19650 suite for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM). We help ensure that these can be configure proportionately to meet organizational goals, both separately but also in combination to maximize the benefits of a digitized asset management process.

Value Definition and Innovation Strategies

Our unique Value+ approach helps our customers define value, related critical success factors and a line of sight to their impact goals, to ensure the digital and innovation transformation delivers the required outcomes and measurable benefit, and is suitable to the organization.

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

Discover how we unlock the infinite potential of your business with our Cohesive Infinity Loop model.

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