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Building & Communities

Cohesive’s digital services support our clients to provide financially viable, safe, sustainable, and healthy assets for the end user, including homes, campuses, estates, facilities, and communities.

Delivering the right assets that are fit for the changing world

Rapid urbanization is putting pressure on cities to increase their pace of infrastructure development.  

They face multiple challenges: Restricted budgets, pressure to provide buildings and infrastructure that work better together as a community, and the requirement to significantly improve sustainability and reach climate neutrality. These demands, as well as meeting the expectations of increased flexibility and quality of living, are highly challenging for a very traditional industry, which now faces the need for rapid transformation. 

Providing our expert domain experience in applying data and digital capabilities at each stage of the lifecycle, we support our clients in the CapEx and OpEx phases.

We help them to deliver the right assets that are fit for the changing world, and ensure that their existing assets are optimally performing, in turn informing the delivery of their new assets.

Case Studies

Our case studies in building and communities demonstrate our expertise and innovative solutions in creating sustainable, efficient, and vibrant spaces. These case studies highlight real-world examples where we have collaborated with clients to design and develop environmentally friendly buildings, smart cities, and community-driven projects.

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