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The large, regulated electric utility referenced in this case study provides clean, safe, and reliable energy across 16 states in the United States. Included in its power generation is nuclear power fleets, a highly available and reliable energy source aiding in global net zero carbon goals.

Nuclear fleets require structured processes, detailed information, visibility, and efficiency in order to operate safely and reliably during online operations or during outages.

Organizational alignment is critical to maintaining efficient processes, incorporating best practices, and making data driven decisions that best serve customers and organizational growth.

The utility approached Cohesive in early 2023 with specific regards to the scheduling and work management practices across their Nuclear Fleet, which had shown inconsistencies and process gaps. Additionally, the organization’s current
technology was functionally deficient in helping to facilitate and optimize this process.

Aligning best in industry scheduling practices with the use of modern technology to integrate and automate the process was also a key in the clients’ scope of work.

Applying Modern Maintenance Strategies to Nuclear Work Management

Cohesive, known for having deep expertise in the nuclear plant operations and its processes, as well as impactful industry digital solutions, partnered with the organization to improve their scheduling practices across the clients’ entire nuclear fleet, resulting in a scheduling program with increased effectiveness and consistency that drove proper oversight, governance, and execution of their work activities.


The engagement identified five primary findings and over a dozen recommendations, resulting in a strategy and roadmap for the client to reference and utilize as an implementation guide to meet their goals.


The project was comprised of four phases:
Initiate, Plan, Execute and Close.


A series of Fit-Gap workshops at each plant helped the teams better understand the as-is process, requirements and challenges at each site.
Once the fleet’s structures and processes were outlined, and challenges were identified, Cohesive subject matter experts proposed Go-Forward options to fill in the gaps and create a streamlined, consistent approach to work management and scheduling that drove successful, safe execution of fleet activities.
The Go-Forward Options included:


  • Recommendations for process changes and guidelines
  • Changes in Maximo structure
  • Modernization of scheduling integrations
  • Strategic technology upgrades

Increasing Operational Efficiencies Through Modernized Scheduling Practices

Cohesive brings a holistic approach to clients when providing recommendations for change. As an industry leader, the deep expertise in process and best practice is balanced with technology, personnel behaviors, and training and change management to ensure effective, sustainable
solutions that continue to support the organization.

After the engagement, Cohesive provided the client with a strategic assessment and guide to create a transformed scheduling and work management program that will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve risk recognition and mitigation
  • Improve governance and oversight
  • Modernize technology
  • Drive resilient operations

A Partner in Nuclear

Cohesive’s roots in the Nuclear Industry run deep. We partner with new nuclear and operating organizations to leverage industry expertise that spans across the entire nuclear lifecycle, with cutting-edge modern maintenance practices and technologies that drive better, more sustainable outcomes for nuclear operators.
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