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IBM Maximo & Bentley iTwin Integrations

Improve visibility with Real-time visualization of all Building Information Model (BIM) data in the context of IBM Maximo Assets, Locations, and Work Orders.

The real-time integration and correlation of data between Bentley iTwin and IBM Maximo.

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Data Flow

Bridges between asset operation data and asset engineering data (BIM Models). Integrates engineering data in Bentley Infrastructure Cloud with asset maintenance & performance data in IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS).


Allow updates to IBM Maximo assets and their specification to be synchronized & integrated with their corresponding model and the element of the model in real time.

Sustainable & Resilient

Provides visibility and insight for data-driven decisions across the life of the asset, making the management of infrastructure more sustainable & resilient.

Seamlessly visualize and act upon real-time information

Infrastructure owners and operators who oversee the transition of a facility to operational use rely on the data within a handed-over iModel for effective facilities management. However, transferring this information to maintenance tools like IBM Maximo can be expensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors. This solution streamlines this process and allows the creation of an “as-maintained” state and model in Maximo. 

So, alongside delivering the implementation of the most suitable EAM configuration, we also integrate the digital twin platform from Bentley: iTwin. It provides a realistic digital representation of the asset. This provides the ability to securely connect, share, and stay up to date with changes, and improve the tracking of operational performance.​ 

The goal is to utilize existing Maximo assets and BIM models and then link them together to view the 3D model in Maximo and visualize the correlated dataset between Maximo and BIM.

The Bentley iTwin Viewer and IBM Maximo integration provide visualization of Building Information Model (BIM) data in the context of the Maximo Assets, Locations, and Work Orders.

iTwin Viewer Features that are exposed in the Viewer Toolbar include:

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