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Experience the next evolution in mobile asset management with IBM Maximo Mobile, seamlessly integrated into the Maximo Application Suite (MAS). Maximo Mobile boasts a powerful set of features and a user-friendly design that makes managing assets easier – plus helps maximize efficiency. This advanced tool offers new features designed to enhance the efficiency of technicians, making asset management tasks easier and safer. Whatever industry you’re in or size organization you have – energy production, transportation, manufacturing – IBM Maximo Mobile offers invaluable insights into how quickly assets are being used and when they must be replaced. Find out more about why this new era of asset management is a game-changer for businesses today.

A New Take on Mobile Asset Management Data Collection

Maximo Mobile is a cutting-edge tool that forms part of IBM MAS. It’s designed to make the technician’s and storeroom clerk’s job easier and safer. Whether an asset breaks down in a bustling city or a distant oilfield, technicians can access more comprehensive asset information than ever before.

In the latest iteration of IBM Mobile solutions for Maximo, key improvements include offline capabilities and integrated AI technology. Re-written from the ground up, it offers the best features of its predecessors, Everywhere and Anyplace, but it’s included with Manage at no additional licensing costs for existing users. Maximo Mobile can function without constant connectivity, allowing for updates in remote areas or places without internet connectivity. It provides role-based feature sets that enable users to view and manage assets based on their job role. In addition, the new app has integrated AI technology to enhance predictive maintenance and asset optimization. Furthermore, Maximo Mobile is designed to replace both Maximo Anywhere and Work Centers, rounding out its comprehensive feature set.

The Architecture of Modern Asset Management

Maximo Mobile is built on next-generation mobile technology, allowing for seamless integration with existing systems. Its architecture is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a broad range of users.

This robust mobile solution offers a variety of functions, including the ability to view assets, work orders, inventory counting, receiving, as well as issues and transfers. It’s not just about viewing, though. Technicians can also update and manage these assets directly from the app, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Transform Your Business with Mobile Asset Management

Integrating mobile asset management into your business practices fosters improved communication among teams. Field technicians, asset managers, and stakeholders can share real-time updates and data, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing downtime. Maximo Mobile elevates data collection and analytics, providing immediate access to operational data. This enables businesses to make quicker, more informed decisions, leading to enhanced resource allocation, cost savings, and increased operational efficiency.

Success Stories: Real-World Applications of Mobile Asset Management

Since its introduction, Maximo Mobile has already begun to demonstrate its value in the field. Businesses in various sectors, from manufacturing to utilities, have reported improved efficiency and productivity after incorporating mobile asset management practices.

Now, businesses can manage any asset, anytime, anyplace. This flexibility is invaluable in today’s fast-paced, increasingly digital world. By providing technicians with instant access to critical data and the ability to manage assets on the go, Maximo Mobile is indeed a game-changer in the realm of asset management.

As part MAS, this new tool is more than just a mobile app; it’s a comprehensive tool that empowers businesses to manage their assets more efficiently. By adopting this innovative technology, you can enhance communication, improve decision-making processes, and ultimately drive your business toward greater success.


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