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Upgrade to Maximo Application Suite

Elevate your Asset Management

Sustainable operational excellence and an integrated approach to digital enterprise asset management with Maximo Application Suite.

Upgrade Today

Improved Visibility

We will support you to understand the organisational and people requirements, articulating the depth and breadth of change required.

We will work with stakeholders to help them understand, create buy-in and ensure their requirements are understood and met. 

Increased Scalability

Cohesive will work with you to ensure that your change programme remains on target, in terms of deliverables and budgets.

We will continually monitor progress and adjust accordingly to ensure the outcomes are achieved sustainably within the desired timeframes.

A Unified Platform

For Cohesive, delivering a finite change program is not the successful outcome we strive to achieve. It is our mission to ensure the organization and the people within it adopt and take ownership of continuous improvementto become infinitely better, for their business and the world in which they operate.

More Upgrade Benefits

Improved utilization and performance

Reduced Capital and Operational Expenditure

Extend the life and improved return on the Asset

Reduced Operational Downtime

Ensure productivity of assets remains uncompromised

Maximo Version 7.6 is approaching “End of Support” in September 2025

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