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Cohesive Data Services

Elevate your Asset Management

Enables the collection and management of data from across an organization to underpin the use of the digital twin.

Rapid, data-driven decision-making.

Faster Decisions

Ensures that data is trustworthy, secure, and accessible so that critical decisions can be made quickly and confidently.

Critical Insights

Helps to specify, collect, assure, process, validate, manage, refine, and publish data. Data in any format, and historical, real-time, or predictive, can be pulled from across the organization.

Optimized Operations

Enables you to utilize IoT data, investigate and mitigate environmental impact and costs, and optimize operations in real time.

Making your data work for you as never before

As part of our delivery services, we knit together a range of IBM, Bentley Systems, 3rd party, and in-house technologies to provide a truly joined-up, end-to-end solution for client users. 

This is underpinned by Cohesive Data Services, which manage, master, and validate, key classes of data from across the client’s enterprise and supply chain. 

The Cohesive Data Services are an ecosystem of digital, data, and hosting services, which together provide:

  • Connectors 
  • Validation 
  • Transformation 
  • Mastering 
  • Integrity 
  • Auditability 
  • Security 

Benefits of upgrading from Maximo to IBM Maximo Application Suite

It is not a super store of all data, but stores or caches certain key data for our clients, which in turn enables them to: 

  • Bring together data from disparate locations in one place.
  • Consistently access data for decision-making and quick responses.
  • Quickly understand the asset, and portfolio performance, costs, and carbon output across multiple locations for a complete organizational view.
  • Reduce CO2 and costs across the entire portfolio, managing it globally from one place.
  • Enable the digital twin at every stage of the asset life cycle, to make decisions, take actions, utilize, and scale innovative technology. 
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