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Seven reasons why Cohesive is your best choice for IBM Maximo Application Suite Hosting

As the deadline for the end of IBM Maximo 7.6.1 support looms, organizations are looking for a reliable and efficient hosting solution before the September 2025 cut-off. With ever-evolving technology and an increasing focus on core business operations, IT departments are becoming more open to hosting solutions. Cohesive presents a significant opportunity to combine Maximo managed services with a comprehensive Hosting offering, ensuring organizations can smoothly transition to MAS while maintaining their original IBM Maximo data.

Cohesive’s Maximo Application Suite Hosting solution provides a single source, end-to-end, turnkey Maximo hosting and implementation experience. Our offering covers the full lifecycle of the Maximo Application Suite, from the end-user experience to the support and maintenance of MAS.

Why Choose Cohesive for Maximo Hosting and Managed Services?

  1. Single Source, End-to-End Solution: Cohesive offers a comprehensive Maximo hosting and implementation solution that includes provisioning, installation, and maintenance of infrastructure, reoccurring maintenance activities, and management of network and system security.
  2. Collaboration Between Hosting, Services Delivery, and Support: Cohesive ensures seamless collaboration between all aspects of Maximo hosting. As the largest IBM Maximo implementer in the world, we are uniquely qualified to provide worldwide, round-the-clock support coverage.
  3. Dedicated and Isolated Environments: Our deployments are never co-located with other users’ data or access, ensuring a secure and reliable end-user experience.
  4. Expert Architecture and Implementation: Cohesive leverages decades of collective experience in Maximo implementations and managed service. Our strong development relationship with IBM allows us to provide expert architecture design and implementation.
  5. Up-to-Date System Maintenance: Cohesive ensures customers are up to date with IBM release lifecycle policies, providing monthly maintenance activities and yearly MAS upgrades.
  6. Flexible and Scalable Hosting: Cohesive MAS hosting solution is easily tailored to your specific needs and scalable to match your usage of Maximo, whether it’s users, storage, or integrations.
  7. Sizing and Performance: Cohesive scales your Maximo environments based on our collective experience, ensuring optimal end-user system responsiveness and successful system adoption within your organization.

As organizations prepare for the end of support for Maximo 7.6.x, Cohesive’s Maximo Hosting solution offers the perfect combination of expertise, flexibility, and reliability. With a single source, end-to-end, turnkey solution, organizations can trust Cohesive to navigate the complexities of Maximo hosting and implementation, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Elevate your Maximo Application Suite experience with Cohesive. Get more information here: Cohesive Maximo Application Suite Hosting or reach out to our team directly to learn more about how we can help your organization achieve its goals

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