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Transform your operations – Harmonize infrastructure management processes with IBM Maximo and Cohesive’s expertise

The transportation infrastructure that we all depend on is aging as soon as it is built. As we have seen recently, it needs to be maintained, managed and improved for it to continue to provide our ability to travel safely. Cohesive is the only organization that can realize the full potential of IBM Maximo to the full asset lifecycle, from initial design, all the way through to retirement.

Rely on the experts:

Manage transportation networks, infrastructure, equipment, and vehicles safely and efficiently

Cohesive is the largest IBM Maximo consultancy in the world, and Maximo is the world’s leading asset management system. Cohesive’s experts focus on using Maximo to create and apply the right solutions in the right way to meet the transportation industry’s needs. You need look no further than Cohesive.

Focus on Transportation Areas

Cohesive is an expert in the transportation industry‘s complexity, especially around infrastructure management and improvement, and specializes in providing world-class Maximo-based solutions. Maximo is uniquely designed to manage entire transportation networks, including fixed infrastructure assets, equipment, and vehicles. Cohesive’s proficiency in transportation addresses the need to harmonize infrastructure, fleets/rolling stock, and operations. Cohesive provides a secure and superior Maximo solution that meets those highly specialized needs while ensuring that the methodology guarantees that its full value will be realized by optimizing processes, and most critically, by involving people in their roles to create involvement, ownership, and adoption.

Robust and Reliable Implementation Services

Cohesive has established its position as the largest IBM Maximo consultancy by providing robust and highly repeatable world-class implementation services. This team of seasoned IBM Maximo professionals ensures that each customer takes possession of the solution that fully addresses their needs, via a fast and sustainable implementation experience. Cohesive integrates IBM Maximo with other external systems such as the Bentley Digital Twin engine and related solutions such as AssetWise, and SCADA systems to provide asset intelligence, ERP systems to create financial awareness, and others. This approach ensures that your IBM Maximo solution runs efficiently and smoothly, minimizing switching between systems.

Cohesive’s Partnership with IBM

Cohesive is an IBM Platinum partner, and the company has built a reliable reputation for excellent customer service, delivering value, and ensuring client satisfaction. The partnership between Cohesive and IBM Maximo gives you the perfect blend of an excellent Maximo implementation with the best customer service. As an IBM Platinum partner, you can trust that the Cohesive team has the most current and relevant certifications that IBM offers.

Transportation Requires Effectiveness and Efficiency

Maximo ensures that transport systems are appropriately managed, creating data-driven, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for transportation infrastructure. Maximo provides insights that help to optimize performance, reduce unplanned downtime, measure asset life-cycle costs, and manage risks associated with a transportation system. Implementing IBM Maximo with Cohesive to address transportation industry needs gives you a robust solution that improves infrastructure maintenance by identifying, mitigating, and managing potential defects before they escalate into significant and costly problems, and minimizing operational impact.

IBM Maximo and its specialist elements that address specific parts of the industry, such as Transportation for rolling stock, Linear Asset Management for rail and road infrastructure, Configuration Management for complex assets, and others to manage third-party contributions and capital investment planning, is the perfect solution for the transportation industry, providing a comprehensive management approach for the transport asset management lifecycle. Cohesive, the largest IBM Maximo consultancy in the world, ensures that you will get the most out of the solution by providing exceptional implementation services to create the desired outcome. As the transportation industry continues to grow and be fully funded, managing the updated infrastructure with IBM Maximo becomes a critical factor. Cohesive is the perfect partner to provide you with the right solutions.

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