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Cohesive talks with users about asset management and resiliency in nuclear, and net zero realities at the 2023 ANS Utility Working Conference in Marco Island

Cohesive, a leading digital integrator with two decades of nuclear asset management and advisory services, recently attended the American Nuclear Society Utility Working Group conference in Marco Island, Florida. With a focus on resiliency in nuclear and new technologies to achieve net-zero, the conference presented a unique opportunity for industry players, researchers, and stakeholders to share insights on the future of nuclear energy.

The ANS UWC focused on three primary themes that are no doubt critical to the nuclear sector’s future: resiliency, new nuclear technologies, and net-zero realities. Top industry professionals, researchers, and stakeholders engaged with each other on these themes in plenary sessions, technical sessions, and workshops. The conference also featured several technical sessions, which focused on other aspects of nuclear power, including safety, security, licensing, and regulatory issues. These sessions provided an opportunity for experts and researchers to share their latest findings, data, and insights, and to discuss best practices and lessons learned from previous experiences. Lastly, the Cohesive team was very interested in topics that included Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence, which showed how these new technologies could revolutionize the nuclear industry, key topics on many of our client’s roadmaps.

Resiliency in nuclear was a significant topic of discussion at the conference. The nuclear industry cannot afford to lose power or be disconnected in times of power outages, disasters, or other emergencies. Industry thought leaders shared insights ranging from improving grid connection options, emergency planning, preparedness, and response, and cybersecurity. Cohesive’s decades of experience in nuclear asset management and advisory services are complemented by these conversations, bringing the company’s expertise to offer valuable contributions to the deliberations.

New nuclear technologies were among the other conference highlights. The conference allowed stakeholders and experts to explore groundbreaking technologies such as small modular reactors (SMRs), process innovations, and reactor designs that can help achieve the industry’s net-zero ambitions. Cohesive, as an industry thought leader with 20 years of experience in nuclear, was right at home sharing insights into the practical deployment of these technologies and their impact on the industry.

The conference also tackled the topic of net-zero realities. The session examined how nuclear fits into the net-zero agenda, and how the nuclear industry will respond to national and global net-zero commitments. As an expert on nuclear asset management and advisory services, Cohesive offered insights that illuminated the industry’s challenges and the opportunities offered by the net-zero wave. Cohesive was an effective contributor to the conference’s overall knowledge base, offering insights and practical solutions to various challenges discussed.

The ANS Utility Working Group conference is an important event for the nuclear industry as it positions itself for the future. The focus on resiliency in nuclear and the net-zero agenda was a reminder that nuclear energy’s future is bright, promising, and challenging. Cohesive’s participation at the conference was entirely fitting, given their two decades of experience in the nuclear industry. The company’s contribution to the conference was insightful, informative, and in keeping with Cohesive’s spirit of collaboration with industry stakeholders towards a better future. Cohesive is looking forward to sharing these insights with our clients as we highlight our expertise and reinforce our reputation as a top digital integrator in the nuclear sector.

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