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The National Transit Database requires annual reports which can be complex and time-consuming, requiring significant resources.

Enter IBM Maximo

The NTD Reporting Tool

The National Transit Database (NTD) requires U.S. transit agencies to submit annual reports including comprehensive data about their fleet performance and other metrics. However, compiling and submitting these reports can be complex and time-consuming, often requiring significant resources from transit agencies. 

The NTD reporting tool inside of IBM Maximo, the leading asset management solution, replaces the need for dedicated NTD resources and reduces the time and effort spent creating reports while increasing compliance assurance. By utilizing automated data capture and guidance, the tool generates NTD-compliant reports and enables configurations and data.  

Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance Assurance with Cohesive’s NTD Reporting Tool in IBM Maximo 

Transit agencies are required to submit NTD reports annually to the FTA, demonstrating accountability for public funds usage and operational efficiency. The value and benefits of this NTD Reporting solution are manifold: 

    • Pre-configured Data Capture System: This solution prompts users to capture the right information required for NTD reports, empowering agencies to create reports independently. This saves time, reduces the margin for error, and reduces the resources needed for report generation. 
    • Excel Upload Templates: The pre-configured NTD reports include Excel upload templates, simplifying the process of reporting fleet performance to the FTA. Agencies can easily populate these templates with relevant data from their Maximo system. 
    • Advanced Support Plan (ASP): Cohesive provides ongoing support through the Advanced Support Plan (ASP), ensuring that the configurations and reports remain up to date with any changes in FTA data reporting requirements. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of non-compliance and ensures the accuracy of reported data. 

Drivers of Transit Excellence 

Cohesive distinguishes itself as the expert provider of IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS), a comprehensive solution by forward-thinking transit operators tailored to the rail industry. Unlike generic EAM systems, the IBM Maximo NTD Reporting Tool from Cohesive is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of transit agencies, providing added value in the following ways: 

  • Expertise and Customization: We know that each industry has unique challenges, goals and ways of working.  Our team provides customized solutions tailored to the regulatory requirements and optimizations of US transit agencies. This expertise translates into cost savings for agencies, improved performance, and a smoother implementation process. 
  • Industry-specific Capabilities: With a deep understanding of the transit industry, Cohesive delivers complex industry-specific capabilities that address immediate regulatory needs. By focusing on the specific requirements of NTD reporting, Cohesive ensures that agencies can meet their reporting obligations efficiently and accurately. 

Automated Guidance for Seamless NTD Reporting 

The NTD Reporting Tool in Maximo is an end-to-end solution to simplify compliance reporting.

Provided Reports: The tool offers pre-configured reports for:

  • Form A-15 (Transit Facilities Inventory),
  • Form A-30 (Revenue Vehicle Inventory), and
  • Form A-35 (Service Vehicle Inventory).

These reports are generated directly from Maximo in a format compatible with the FTA reporting system.

Enabling Configurations: The tool facilitates NTD reporting by modeling transit reporting agencies directly within Maximo and providing standardized data and lookups. This ensures the correct and consistent collection of data required by the FTA, streamlining the reporting process.

Fleet Management tab page 1, screenshot:

Fleet Management tab page 1, screenshot:

Fleet Management Tab Page 1

NTD Fleet Management Application: Cohesive’s solution includes a Fleet Management application within Maximo, allowing agencies to define fleets, manage fleet status, and track fleet assets efficiently. This application simplifies the association of assets with the appropriate FTA fleet ID, ensuring accurate reporting.

  • Manage agency-specific and associated FTA fleet ID’s 
  • Associate vehicles to the appropriate fleet ID as required for fleet NTD reporting 
  • Indicate fleet status (active or retired) and dates 
  • Fleet vehicle type, expected life in years and years of latest value estimate 
  • Transportation mode – manage the combination of primary and secondary modes 

Fleet Management tab page 2 screenshot

Fleet Management Tab Page 2

  • Manufacturer and fleet model 
  • Fleet manufactured year and rebuilt year, automatically separates fleet reporting rows into the correct FTA reporting standard 
  • Fuel type and unit of measure, as well as energy type, supports associated energy consumption report as part of Form A-30 
  • Vehicle length, associated attributes such as seating and standing capacity 
  • Asset ownership type and funding source 
  • Last reported date to the FTA 
  • Provides transparency to the agency to ensure that reporting has been performed as required

Fleet Assets tab screenshot

Fleet Assets Tab

  • Associate specific fleet assets to the right FTA fleet ID
  • Manage asset associations to the right FTA fleet ID to ensure correct reporting
    • Data elements that cause different FTA fleet IDs to be created are documented and available for agencies to assist with that re-association
  • Maintains the relationship to the original fleet that was procured by the agency to facilitate internal fleet reporting and analysis

The NTD Reporting Tool

Reduce Time Spent on NTD Reports

Reports submitted accurately, easily, and on-time

Increase compliance assurance

More automated, streamlined NTD reports


Access the National Transit Database Reporting Tool for IBM Maximo

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