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Transformational Outcomes Delivered

Our Value Solutions are a suite of services that support your business needs, from Digital Twin Solutions to digitally enabled sustainability. Tailored for five sectors, they support new business and project capabilities and practical adoption.

Digital Transformation Done Right

Cohesive enables complete digital transformation, supporting high-value asset-centric organizations to achieve sustainable operational excellence and shareholder value.

Our integrated approach combines technology, data, processes, industry expertise, and change management for long-term results, informed decision-making, and efficient reporting. 

Our Offered Solutions

Information Management

Cohesive provides comprehensive Information Management services throughout the asset lifecycle, promoting organizational cohesion and transparency.
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Asset Performance Measurement & Optimization

Cohesive enables clients to optimize their assets for sustainable operational excellence through an integrated approach to asset performance management (APM).
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Digital Twin Solutions (Cohesive Data Factory)

Cohesive enables organizations to optimize asset performance and respond rapidly to risks and changes through their comprehensive Digital Twin services.
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Enterprise Asset Management

Gain the power to obtain reliable and accurate insights from your EAM program, enabling quick and confident decisions and actions to achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes.
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Requirements Management & Progressive Assurance

Cohesive’s Requirements and Progressive Assurance solution enhances infrastructure investment by facilitating efficient requirements capture, validation, and delivery tracking.
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Bidding & Project Support

Our innovative bidding and production services are designed to empower your organization with a competitive edge in the work winning effort.
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Digital Strategy (Advisory)

Cohesive provides innovative solutions tailored specifically for built asset organizations enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
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Sustainability - Digitally Enabled

Cohesive offers a range of digitally enabled services that empower businesses, organizations, and individuals to embrace sustainability and make a positive impact on the planet.
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Organizational Change Management

We partner with you to drive successful digital transformation by implementing effective organizational change management strategies.
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Bespoke Developments

Cohesive offers no-code and low-code with visual and model-driven development concepts to speed up and transform application development.
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A team of global leaders, our partners are key to our success. Industry and leading-edge technology experts, highly qualified and driven to deliver complimentary transformational change.
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Discover how Cohesive empowers you through digital transformation and enterprise asset lifecycle optimization.

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