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Maintaining exemplary health and safety standards, and proactively protecting employees from harm, is a priority for every asset-intense organisation.

Meeting this challenge demands the right tools and technology.

IBM Maximo’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) module offers precisely that solution. It supports asset owner operators in establishing and maintaining a ‘zero-harm’ workplace without the heavy drain on time and resources that can traditionally prove a challenge.

Key functions of the module include one which supports effective management of permit to works – the documented procedure that authorises certain individuals to carry out specific work within a specified time frame and which sets out the precautions required to complete the work safely.

The Maximo Permit to Work function provides multiple benefits. These include centralised permit management, real-time communication between stakeholders, a streamlined approval process, comprehensive risk assessments and adherence to industry standards.

Permit to Work

Today digital Permit to Work systems are fast becoming a key feature of day-to-day operations in high-risk environments, including oil and gas and power plants.

Reducing paperwork, risk and unplanned shutdowns, ePTW software also helps to ensure regulatory compliance and improve communication as well as maintain an audit trail of work activities and safety measures.

To gain the maximum benefits from a digital system though, it should be integrated with an organisation’s enterprise asset management (EAM) system.

The benefits of integrating PTW/HSE functionalities with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) include enhanced efficiency and a reduction in error risk caused by fragmented systems.

Combining asset management and safety protocols in a single platform also enables real-time data sharing between EAM and safety processes (key to improving decision making and response times in safety-critical situations) as well as ensuring that safety considerations are an integral part of all asset management activities.

Other benefits include its role in facilitating better communication and coordination between maintenance and safety teams and cost efficiencies.

Cohesive and IBM: Supporting safe, efficient operations across asset intensive industries

Cohesive is an IBM Platinum Partner and the biggest implementer of IBM Maximo globally.

Our team have a deep understanding of the effectiveness and versatility of this powerful asset management solution and its modules – including Maximo HSE.

Combining asset management and safety protocols in a single platform ensures that safety considerations are an integral part of all asset management activities."

We have implemented Maximo HSE in many large organisations including one of South East Asia’s biggest power plants.

You can read more about some of the organisations we have supported to deploy Maximo to support safe, streamlined working and operational efficiency, here.

Maximo HSE: Unlocking multiple safety and environment benefits for owner operators

In addition to the Permit to Work function, the IBM Maximo HSE module provides multiple safety and environment related benefits. These include:

Incident Management: It facilitates the creation, review, and analysis of incidents, recording details such as people involved, roles, losses and impacts. It will also supports fulfilling OSHA reporting requirements​​.

Investigation Processes: Provides structured processes for addressing defects and incidents, including root cause analysis and other investigative methods​​.

Regulatory Compliance: Identifies compliance requirements against assets and locations, and associates job plans and work orders to ensure adherence to guidelines, standards, and legal requirements​​.

Operation Procedures: Provides structured documentation of operating procedures, integrating operations and maintenance resources more effectively​​.

Management of Change: Supports robust change management processes with reviews, approvals, risk analysis, and actions before and after the start of changes​​.

Risk Assessment: Offers comprehensive risk management solutions by integrating various organizational data and activities​​.

Competency Management: Enhances competency assurance by associating competency requirements to permits and certificate requirements and validating them against job plans and work orders​​.

Isolation Management: Allows management of isolation processes separately or in conjunction with permits, supporting complex isolation management scenarios.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can leverage the power of Maximo, please contact us here


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