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Upgrade to Maximo Application Suite

Elevate your Asset Management

Get sustainable operational excellence and an integrated approach to digital enterprise asset management with Maximo Application Suite (MAS).

Organizational-wide integrated support maximizes value over the life of an asset.

(Maximo Version 7.6.x is approaching “End of Service” in September 2025)

Download our MAS Upgrade Brochure here!

Unified Platform

A unified platform delivering asset lifecycle, performance & maintenance. New efficiencies are identified & applied, maximizing asset value. Optimized uptime & performance levels and reduced maintenance costs via predictive analytics.

Improved Visibility

Allows greater data sharing, with predictive maintenance for a better understanding of the asset, enabling improved asset management. Gives access to key monitoring & reliability applications on a single platform.

More Scalability

Being deployed in the RedHat OpenShift platform offers scalability, and faster-running applications, using fewer resources. Updates are automatically available with minimal disruption.

Benefits of upgrading from Maximo to IBM Maximo Application Suite

Improved utilization and performance

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Reduced Operational Expenditure

Extend the life of the Asset

Reduced Operational Downtime

Ensure productivity of assets remains uncompromised

Improved Return on Asset

Maximo Version 7.6 is approaching “End of Service” in September 2025

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