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The Challenge

To develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) approval to replace a number of aging legacy systems used to manage the estate. OGP had a range of operational and lease management requirements including the need to move to a ‘Cloud First’, API Centric Model, detaching organisational data from core applications.
Key goals included reducing dependencies and cost.

Our Role

We were appointed in 2019 to develop a strategy, design and fully operational PoC. We worked closely with OGP in a single collaborative team to achieve a deep joint understanding of business needs. We used agile techniques to translate these needs into a number of mini-PoCs which culminated in a fully working system at the end of the project.


We supported the OGP with a the business case using the green book 5 case model.
As part of the strategy, we adopted Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from the outset, enabling a fully functional system on all compliant devices including iOS and Android.

Key support areas:

• Strategy and Roadmap
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Information Management Out Practice
• API design and implementation
• Alignment to UK and International Standards
• Project and Programme Management
• Business Change Support
• Asset Management and Data Solutions
• Master and Reference Data Management


Client Benefits

The fully working PoC system not only achieved the OGP’s goals but was also delivered to time and on budget.

The PoC delivered against the requirements developed and agreed with the OGP and its stakeholders:

• ‘Cloud First’, API-centric application, accessible by a web portal, user configured, and therefore supportive of remote working requirements
• Working API connections to legacy systems enabled all operational and lease functionality needed by OGP
• Risks were minimised with all key design assumptions being successfully tested and managed
• Data management issues in the legacy systems were resolved using data mastering technology

The PoC enabled the OGP to proceed to a detailed procurement exercise with confidence.


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