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The Challenge

SMRT is responsible for the maintenance of a portion of the metro network of Singapore, and were tasked with delivering a safe, reliable network or commuting Singaporeans. Cohesive helped with this task by providing and promoting operational excellence.

Our Role

Cohesive provided an asset management improvement strategy for SMRT. We used AssetWise to better understand the layout of the track, assets and condition data they collect daily through visual operation to provide a holistic view of the network. We also helped support proactive maintenance decisions in areas where there is opportunity to improve track or 3rd rail condition, with the aim of increasing the mean KM between failure.

Client Benefits

With these techniques, we anticipated the following results:

Promote operational excellence: This improves asset reliability, reduces maintenance costs, increases manpower competency, optimizes business process, and strengthens their maintenance regime.

SMRT also gained value from the existing investment through focused training, process review and update, and general communication with the current and potential user base.


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