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The Challenge

ArcelorMittal USA, the world’s second largest steel producer, needed to improve the reliability of equipment to reduce downtime and in particular unplanned downtime. To address this, its World Class Equipment Reliability (WCER) initiative was launched.

Our Role

Following our appointment to manage and implement the scope of WCER we:
• trained a core team of members from 12 operating facilities in reliability principles, methodologies, and technology who were then deployed as onsite team leaders to launch WCER
• helped install AssetWise Performance Management (APM) software with a custom interface to AssetPoint’s Tabware computerized maintenance management system.
Once the core team was trained and the AssetWise software installed, we helped to
pilot WCER at the Burns Harbor Hot Strip Mill (HSM), forming and training intensively a dedicated HSM WCER team to apply our asset performance management processes and methodologies.
The success of the pilot led to the same WCER approach being deployed at 10 key US operating facilities. We developed key performance indicators and deployed a single database with cloud libraries which enabled the team to efficiently share information, speeding up deployment to all sites.

Client Benefits

Our solution provided ArcelorMittal with current, accurate information from equipment inspections, which was instrumental in improving the efficiency of corrective action work performed during scheduled plant shutdowns.

By helping ArcelorMittal successfully implement the WCER program, we enabled savings of:
• USD 2.1 million delivered within the 1 year pilot at HSM. Improvement in equipment inspections and production assets saved almost USD 1.3 million in unplanned downtime. Improved HSM work ratio to reduced asset downtime saved USD 0.4 million in energy consumption, while enhanced efficiency of corrective work during plant shutdowns resulted in manpower savings of almost USD 0.4 million annually;
• over USD 14 million delivered nationwide on further deployment to 10 facilities.

By adopting asset performance management best practices, processes, methodologies, and technology, ArcelorMittal’s maintenance culture has changed from reactive to proactive.


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