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The Challenge

The Cityringen team needed a solution that would function as a single point of entry for programme risks, risk assessment and mitigation throughout the project lifecycle.

The solution would help to avoid the continuous exchange of numerous error prone documents and be a live collaborative interface between all those involved in risk identification, management and mitigation.
They also required a capability that would allow for transparency, traceability, fast communication and reporting.

Our Role

We were recommended to the Copenhagen Metro team through Banedanmark, the Danish Rail Infrastructure owners, who use our Progressive Assurance solutions on their major programmes including the National Electrification and Signalling programmes. Working closely with the Cityringen risk management team, we developed a collaborative risk management solution, based on our Progressive Assurance platform that enabled all risks to be centrally managed.


The resulting enterprise risk management system provided a risk breakdown structure that enabled Cityringen engineers to link every risk to an associated activity. The system enabled the tracking and control of programme risks throughout the design and construction phases.


Client Benefits

The Risk Management solution served as guarantee of efficient cooperation between the main contractors and the Client, Metroselskabet, by being a single source of truth in the framework of risk management for the project.

• Accuracy, reliability and traceability in providing progressive risk mitigation eliminated the exchange of files and/or potential debate and converted the “Contractor’s software” to a common ‘project solution’.
• The solution played a key role in keeping order, track and control of the risk registers during the design and construction phase,across the main stakeholders.
• The solution improved communication and
ensured a real time common understanding of risks’ status as data was regarded always up to date and accurate.


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