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The Challenge

Crossrail represents one of the most complex rail infrastructure programmes ever undertaken. Identifying potential hazards and then mitigating the risks is an essential part of the development of this mega infrastructure scheme. Yet tracking safety hazards and developing effective workflow that will provide the engineering and safety management evidence required by the client can prove extremely challenging.


Our Role

As the incumbent provider of requirements engineering and assurance solutions at Crossrail, we were asked to provide a Programme-Wide Hazard Management capability based on our Progressive Assurance platform. The system is designed to allow collaboration between multiple teams and maintains a single ‘source of truth’ consisting of the most up to date safety hazard information. The system allows all identified hazards to be documented so that a future Crossrail operator and Infrastructure Managers (IMs) are presented with evidence to support the Safety Justifications needed to develop safe operating controls and procedures.

Client Benefits

Crossrail achieved a ‘step change’ in the way safety engineering is managed on major infrastructure projects towards assuring the highest levels of safety – the number one priority for any major railway infrastructure project.

  • The Program-Wide Safety Hazard Management System delivered a common set of processes across the entire organisation providing unprecedented visibility of program-wide safety as reported through advanced dashboards. This overcame the issue where delivery organisations, spread over 100’s of contracts, each use different methods of managing and reporting hazards.
  • At the peak of construction, a safety engineering community of 350 engineers collaborated across the system reducing the average cost of engineering safety management by 60%. On a similar project, it required approximately 5 days to undertake and achieve the same productivity using conventional hazard management systems circle-check when compared to the 2 days (average) it takes a safety engineer with similar level of hazard management skills and experience using ComplyPro (on average 60% less time).


"We began by making safety our number one core value, rather than a priority. Crossrail has five central values, but safety “which also includes ‘health’ in its scope“ was a fundamental concept that ran through everything."

Martin Brown,Health and Safety Director, Crossrail

"Our highly experienced team of systems and safety engineers believe the Safety Management System represents a 'major innovation' in the field, overcoming the many challenges that face major projects in managing this hugely complex and difficult task. Such has been its success on the project that a number of important related processes and procedures are reliant on its availability and reliability."

Jeremy Bates,Head of Integration, Crossrail Ltd.


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