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The Challenge

The Doha Metro is a $36 billion rapid transit system in Qatar. Phase 1 has three lines with an approximate overall length of 76 km and 37 stations. It is an integral component of the larger Qatar Rail network, which will include a long distance rail for passengers and freight, linking Qatar to the GCC, and the Lusail LRT. Capable of reaching 100 km/h, the Doha Metro will be one of the most modern and fastest driverless train systems in the world.

To be ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha, the client needed an enterprise systems assurance capability to assure the safe design, delivery and operation of Phase 1 on time.


Our Role

We engaged the Qatar Rail Safety & Assurance directorate early in the lifecycle to advise on the systems engineering and assurance strategy for the programme. Following a Proof-of-Concept phase we were selected to deliver the enterprise systems assurance platform for the programme. We advised on the methodology and approach to deliver a programme-wide Progressive Assurance capability, including mandated use of the system across the entire supply chain. 

Our system enabled managers and design verification engineers to manage and control project progress and design changes over the lifetime of the programme.


Client Benefits

Fully evidenced assurance that the delivered railway system is safe to operate, fit for purpose and meets Client’s desired outcomes & benefits:

  • Improved oversight and visibility of the health of the programme, with fewer surprises, reduced rework and associated costs
  • Increased consistency, efficiencies and standardisation of data across the supply chain, within an agreed framework
  • Systematic capture of assurance information to improve programme performance
  • Single source of knowledge for the programme to easily access lessons produced by assurance
  • Transparent reporting of assurance across the entire programme organisation
  • Reduced financial risk and increased opportunity to demonstrate value for money


"Progressive Assurance captures all assurance elements and gives all parties the single version of the truth at any given point in time, with full visibility and status. It adds discipline and traceability … giving us total interoperability between all lines, infrastructure systems and rolling stock. Without Progressive Assurance … we would struggle to capture and work with the vastness of all this data across so many contracts."

Paul McLarnon,Director of Safety & Systems Assurance - Qatar Rail


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