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The Challenge

Hanoi MRB desired to pioneer the way they collect, manage, and utilize data in their project delivery and railway operation. Their current information management processes were all analogue which can result in loss of productivity and decreased data quality.

Hanoi MRB wanted to engage with a firm specifically for the development of Metro Line 5, the next line to be designed and constructed, to test and develop approaches that could be extended across other lines.


Our Role

Hanoi Metro Railway Board (MRB) is the delivery body for a rapid transport system in Vietnam. They currently have one operating line and one line, Line 3.1, under construction. Hanoi Metro Line 5 is a complex urban transport project involving multiple stakeholders, assets and entities, and therefore multiple disparate data sources.

Cohesive had the opportunity to cast a strategic vision, provide recommendations for action and the implementation road map for complete digital transformation.

  • Creation of Comprehensive Master Data Management Strategy
  • Integrated Common Data Environment
  • Process Development for Data Integration
  • Foundation for Future Innovation
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Practical Asset Information Management


Client Benefits

Cohesive produced a ‘how to’ digital transformation guide for MRB, describing not just what had to be done but also ‘why’ and ‘how’. This enables them to implement change at their pace, with less dependence on external experts.


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